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How to Easily and Safely Dolly Tow – Call (424) 543-2226!

When it comes to Towing Los Angeles there are several options, which means you don’t always have to utilize a full sized towing truck. And in some instances, a good driver can learn how to dolly tow their own vehicle.

Dolly Towing Los Angeles California – Choosing Your Dolly Towing Equipment

Dolly towing is a widely used method of Towing Los Angeles. On one occasion or another, you are probably see someone dolly towing their vehicle. A tow dolly is a simple towing trailer that connects to the vehicle that is doing the towing… The tow dolly’s back in consists of two wheels as well as two small ramps where the towed vehicle’s front wheels are loaded. So, the front end of the towed vehicle is elevated off the ground in the back and touches the ground. Call us at (424) 543-2226!

DIY Dolly Towing Los Angeles

Before utilizing a tow dolly, you must ensure that everything is connected, there were no missing parts, and everything functions properly. Take the time to check the security chains, straps, safety pins etc. are secure and in good shape. This will keep you safe while you are with Towing Los Angeles.

Dolly Towing Los Angeles California

Before attempting to load a vehicle for Los Angeles towing, you first need to apply the parking brake on the vehicle that is supposed to be doing the towing. This will ensure that it will safely remain in one spot. Second, you must make sure the tow dolly is properly secured to the towing vehicle. This has to be done before loading the vehicle. The security chains should be safely engaged. And make sure the hand wheel is secured tightly.

Dolly Towing Los Angeles California – Loading the Vehicle

Release the safety straps, pull out the ramps, and straighten the safety straps on top of the ramps. 
Next you will want to carefully drive the car that you will be towing, onto the ramp of the tow dolly. The two front wheels should sit completely on the ramps until they are in their designated slots. Engaging the towed vehicles handbrake will hold it there securely long enough to wrap the safety straps, around the wheels of the vehicle being towed. You must make sure they are tightened to secure them, once you are sure they are secured, then place the security plans to make sure the straps remain in their place during your Los Angeles towing. Lastly, pull back the ramps into their place.

Dolly Towing Los Angeles – The Trip

So now it is time to hit the road. The ride is only the next step and is also important to remain cautious. While driving in Los Angeles, drive at a reduced speed. Your car is a bit more weighty and harder to maneuver, Now that it is towing another vehicle anticipate your stops, and use longer distances to break and what to react to things happening on the road. Take extra caution in curves, intersections, slopes, rugged roads, and try to avoid towing in the rain. I hope these tips will prove useful to you and your future Towing Los Angeles California expeditions. If you don’t fill confident enough to accomplish this, hire the experts. Los Angeles towing services can be found to help assist you with your needs. There’s nothing wrong with hiring the professionals to help you with Los Angeles towing. Call us today for the best service at (424) 543-2226!

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